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Competition among comments in the Telegram channel

In the contest by comments in the Telegram channel subscribers must leave comments under the publication on your channel, after which random winners will be selected from the entire list. Unlike the contest among all subscribers of the channel in this type of contest the circle of participants is narrowed to those who regularly visit and read the channel and want to participate in your contest.

How to add comments to a Telegram post?

Regular groups are used as a comment chat in Telegram, which are linked to the channel in the settings. To link a group you need to:

  1. go to settings/channel management
  2. “Discussion” -> “Add a group”
  3. then you can choose a group that you created earlier or create a new one.
  4. now after sending a new post, a button appears under the post that leads to a chat where you can discuss this post.
  5. to remove comments for a specific post in a channel, you need to go to the comments chat and delete the channel post in it.

How to make a contest by comments in Telegram?

1. Make sure that your channel has (enabled) comments under posts.

2. Create and post a contest post with a description of the conditions, terms, rules and prizes.

Our bot @tggrowbot can:

  1. use up to 5 posts. You can combine the database of participants (comments) into one and choose the winners from them.
  2. check channel subscriptions (up to 5 pcs). If you are holding a contest with partners or sponsors.
  3. select up to 200 winners (30 if subscription verification is used)

3. At the end of the terms of the contest, announce the winners. Usually the process is recorded on video (screen capture), showing the whole process. In our bot, you can test everything in advance, and then summarize the final results.

To conduct a contest using our bot:

  1. Launch the bot @tggrowbot, send the command /new to create a new contest. 
  2. Add the @tggrowbot bot to the administrators of your channel and then select the contest posts when creating the contest.
  3. Then create a name for the activity.
  4. Next, if necessary, you can add channels to check your subscription (up to 5 channels).
  5. After saving the contest, you can proceed to the selection of the necessary number of winners. Winners are selected randomly from comments. The chances of winning depend on the number of comments left by each participant.

Communication with the winners

To contact the winners, you can find them in the list of subscribers and write to them. Or use our tool “Link to the result”. After receiving the list of winners, you can create a special link to the bot. The participant who follows this link will be verified and, if he is the winner, he will receive your special message in which you can specify contacts, coupons and other information.