TgGrow - Tracked Invite Link to a Telegram Channel or Group
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Tracked Invite Link
to a Telegram Channel or Group

Automatic issuance of invite links using a bot.
Saving links and subscribers to them in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Automatic issuance of invitation links via a bot for promotions or contests.

For each promotion, you can create a link generator that will create an individual link for each participant. The generator will be available via a special link to the bot.

Possible scenarios for issuing a link to subscribers:
  • invite a friend, get a discount;
  • from whom more new subscribers will come, he will receive a prize;
  • whoever brings a friend will become a participant in a random prize draw.
creating invite links in the telegram channel

Transfer subscribers from other social networks through promotions and contests.

Create an invite link for yourself through the bot, post it on social networks as part of any promotion.
At any time, you can download the data of telegram accounts of new subscribers to an Excel spreadsheet. And as a result, conduct some kind of analysis, draw, and so on.
how to transfer subscribers to telegram

Creating trackable links for an advertising campaign.

Generate invitation links for placement in different traffic sources. Evaluate the effectiveness of channels, calculate the conversion into valuable actions (sales / applications).
telegram channel analytics
They should not unsubscribe!!
Uploading data from Telegram gives up-to-date information. If a user subscribed via the link and then unsubscribed, then such users will be marked as unsubscribed (approximate unsubscribe time).
выгрузка подписчиков


Each promotion has its own link generator. You can download an Excel file with the results from the generator. It contains two pages with the following data:
Data on all links created through the selected generator:
  • Channel name;
  • Invite link;
  • Date of creation;
  • How many subscribed from the link;
  • User ID пользователя, который её создал;
  • User ID of the user who created it;
  • First profile name;
  • Second profile name;
  • Profile language
And data about subscribers:
  • ID of the user whose link is;
  • The name of the user whose link is;
  • Invite link;
  • Date and time of subscription;
  • User ID of the user who subscribed;
  • @Username;
  • First profile name;
  • Second profile name;
  • Avatar.
  • Visit status


• The test period for each telegram account is 7 days

• 7 days for each invited user

For each administrator invited by your referral link who has added a unique channel with >500 subscribers, you will receive an additional 7 days of access.

• $8 for 30 days

Access to work with the bot to one Telegram account for 30 days. Is not a subscription.
Telegram: @verifyshare
Email: [email protected]